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Propel Meets the Growing Demand for comfortable, practical and affordable face masks

At Propel, we usually spend our time developing innovative solutions for customers such as the US Navy, US Army, US Air Force and US Marines. We’ve leveraged this deep knowledge of textile technology to develop a comfortable, quick-drying, launderable cloth face mask that includes the all-important aluminum nose stay to prevent eyeglasses from fogging.

We are also serving the need for cloth masks for individuals, families, employees and employers everywhere. Our goal was a great product at a fair price. We are currently producing our masks in multiple US factories, securely and dependably sourcing US-made textiles and components from our home state of Rhode Island and across the country.

Propel LLC, is a woman-owned small business, focused on product innovation, development, sales and marketing of textile driven technology and products for the First Responder and US Military markets.

Propel is pleased to have been recognized with the 2020 Industrial Fabrics Foundation Innovation Award.